Information to Authors

  1. Texts not exceeding 1 publisher’s sheet (40,000 characters) should be submitted via e-mail before 30th April at Texts submitted after this date will be qualified to the next issue.

    1. Texts should be accompanied by:

      1. an abstract not exceeding 500 characters,

      2. summary not exceeding 1000 characters,

      3. key words: 4-6 (we suggest avoiding words conveying general meaning, e.g. history, proposing more specific words instead, e.g. history of Podlasie),

      4. bibliography (a reference list) where individual bibliographical descriptions will be supplemented by the information about a publishing house.

  1. Each text should provide information about the author (app. 250-300 characters):

    1. author’s surname and first name (and middle name) and ORCID number,

    2. author’s postal and e-mail address, his/her workplace and (possibly) private address signifying whether an author agrees to publish his/her private e-mail address, or whether it may be made accessible through the Editor. Please, enclose the following authorization (in Attachment),

    3. author’s contact telephone number (for Editor’s information only unless the author requests otherwise),

    4. author’s scientific interest, scientific or social positions held, scientific journals’ editing, etc.

  1. Authors should follow editorial instructions presented below. If a submitted text is not in Polish, it should be written in one of the working languages.

  2. All texts contained in the journal will be published online on Studia Podlaskie website. Authors should agree in writing (confirmed by their personal signature) for such a publication. Publication Agreement and Copyright License shall be sent after the text has been accepted for publication

  3. We only accept scientific texts that have not been published before. You are kindly requested to fill in a relevant statement (in Attachment). Your text will not be accepted without this statement.

  4. Each text will be reviewed internally by Editorial Board Members and at least two external reviewers. Texts will be accepted for publication after receiving positive reviews.

  5. Authors are required to disclose contribution of individual persons to the creation of the publication (including their affiliation and contribution, i.e. information who is the author of the concept, assumptions, methods, procedures, etc. used during the publication’s preparation). Yet, the author submitting an article shall bear primary liability.

  6. We hereby inform that ghostwriting and guest authorship are manifestations of scientific unreliability and any detected cases thereof shall be exposed, including notification of relevant entities (institutions employing the author, scientific associations or scientific editors associations, etc.).

  7. Moreover, the Editor should obtain information about the sources of the publication’s funding, contribution of science and research institutions, associations and other entities (financial disclosure).

  8. The Editor shall document all manifestations of scientific unreliability, breach and infringement of the principles of ethics in science in particular.

  9. The following rules of publishing are prepared in accordance with Comitee on Publication Ethics (COPE) standards.