Information for reviewers

  1. Reviews must be made in writing including a final and unambiguous conclusion to either accept or reject an article or publication.

  2. Each article should have two separate reviews made by independent reviewers from outside the scientific environment of the journal’s Editor.

  3. Each review should be signed by its author and contain a date on which the review was submitted to the journal’s Editorial Office.

  4. Each reviewer should sign a no conflict of interest statement; a conflict of interest between a reviewer and author arises in the following cases (the form enclosed):

4.1. direct personal relations (family, legal or conflict relations),

4.2. relations of professional subordination,

    1. direct scientific cooperation during the last two years before the review’s preparation.

  1. Reviewers’ names will be published in the journal’s paper and electronic version.

  2. Reviewers should inform the Editorial Office about any manifestations of scientific unreliability in the reviewed article, breach and infringement of the principles of ethics in science in particular.

  3. The reviewing rules were prepared in accordance with the recommendations of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.